Breed Predisposition to Disease and Congenital Conditions
Chinese Shar Pei
•    Blepharospasm
•    Bowed forelegs
•    Ciliary dyskenesia
•    Elbow dysplasia
•    Entropion
o    Inward rolling eyelids
•    Fevers of unknown origin
•    Food sensitivity
•    Hiatal hernias
•    Hip dysplasia
o    Deformed coxofemoral joints with clinical signs from none to severe hip lameness
o    Radiographically there may be shallow acetabulum
o    Flattened femoral head
o    Subluxation
o    Secondary degenerative joint disease
•    Idiopathic mucinosis
o    Pitting edema
o    Alopecia
o    Hyperpigmentation
o    severe wrinkling of head and extremities
•    Immunoglobulin A deficiency
•    Inflammatory bowel disease
•    Inguinal hernia
•    Interdigital erythema and pruritis
o    Thickening, infections and hair loss due to skin folds
•    Keratoconjunctivitis sicca
o    Reduced production of tears.
o    May progress to vascular invasion and hyperpigmentation of the cornea.
o    May progress to corneal erosion and ulceration.
•    Medial and lateral patellar luxation
o    Medial or lateral
o    Most common are medial
o    Accompanied by tibial rotation on the long axis
o    Bending of the distal end of the femoral shaft
o    Shallow femoral trochlea
o    Lameness at 4-6 months of age
•    Otitis externa
o    Result of ears close to head, irritation
•    Parrot mouth
•    Photophobia and blepharospasm
o    Usually only in puppies
•    Primary megaesophagus
•    Renal amyloidosis
•    Staphylococcus dermatitis
•    Stenotic nares
•    Swollen hock syndrome
•    Undershot jaw
o    Abnormal relative growth of the mandible